About us

Cost and profitability management is one of the most important management processes in any organization.

The complexity of the products, services and markets in which a company operates makes cost and profitability management crucial for the organization's future. Reliable information based on causal cost accounting can significantly support managers and employees of the company in making good decisions that increase profitability and business value.

Controlling and management concepts used in the cost and profitability management process largely determine the success of the organization in the future.

The mission of ABC Akademia is "Discovering the Truth About Profits," and its primary goal is to increase the efficiency and profitability of Polish, European and global businesses. Our mission "Discovering the Truth about Profits" is realized through implementation, education and research activities supported by the strong involvement of our team of consultants and partners.

ABC Akademia offers include:

  • Design and implementation of management and controlling platforms using advanced Doctor Coster® software,
  • Design and implementation of Business Intelligence systems in all business functional areas,
  • Outsourcing of controlling and business intelligence systems,
  • Consulting services for the design and implementation of resource and process consumption accounting (RPCA),
  • Audit and advisory services in the field of controlling, budgeting and advanced cost accounting,
  • Training services related to resource and process consumption accounting (RPCA) and Doctor Coster® software.

ABC Akademia is:

  • The competence center of controlling systems for cost and profitability management (ZPRK / RCA / GPK / ABC) managed by Dr. Tomasz M. Zieliński,
  • The producer of the advanced management and controlling platform: Doctor Coster®
  • The greatest implementation experience of the RPCA concept in Poland,
  • The leader in implementing controlling solutions (RPCA/RCA/GPK/ABC),
  • Proven implementation methodology - no experiments!
  • Unique and advanced educational and certification programs (RPCA/RCA/GPK/ABC),


dr Tomasz M. Zieliński

  • president of the management board

Krzysztof Szymański

  • vice-president of the management board