RPCA in Shared Services Centers (SSC)

ABC Academia has shared its knowledge about the RPCA with representatives of some of the largest Shared Service Centers in Poland.

On 5-6 September 2016, a workshop entitled "Development of the financial strategy of a Shared Services Center" was held in Warsaw. Shared Services Centers are one of the most dynamically developing sectors on the Polish market and an excellent area for seeking optimization and savings. For SSC representatives, Dr. Tomasz M. Zieliński gave a lecture on "RPCA" as a tool for managing costs and profitability in modern shared services centers, from which we learned: why the cost management problem in a modern business services sector (SSC, BPO, ITO, R & D) is important; how resource and process consumption accounting (RPCA) supports costing of service contracts and how to properly calculate the cost of service contracts.